Cobler :

About Us

What We Do

"Connecting the Dots"

Harness the power of Intelligent Technology with Cobler. Our approach is not just to enhance but to revolutionize your business performance. We focus on automating and streamlining processes, boosting productivity and efficiency, allowing you to focus on your core objectives.

Cobler redefines building and facility operations, aiming to significantly improve resource effectiveness, productivity, and safety. Utilizing advanced AI and machine learning, we offer smart building control systems and solutions that exceed expectations.

Our expertise spans across offering comprehensive advisory services and delivering bespoke ‘design & build’ solutions. We’re committed to helping you achieve and surpass your critical business KPIs with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

What Makes Us Different

We understand buildings and the operations behind them.

We apply useful and practical analytics.

We implement customized solutions to suit the business and the client, thus ensuring facilities, technical, business, and human parameters are optimized.

Our Leadership Team

Stephen Ho

Stephen is our Principal Consultant and Technical Advisor in the design of smart building solutions for our clients. He has over 40 years’ experience in the building industry and has worked for some of the largest companies in the world including Bovis, John Holland, CPB, Foster Wheeler USA, IHI Corp of Japan and BHP, the largest mining company in the world.

He co-authored Singapore’s GreenMark green rating system of which he received an award from the Singapore government. He also led a team which built the new HQ for BHP in Melbourne and which received the highest awards in LEED, GreenStar and NABERS.

He has also developed many innovative smart solutions for the building industry and continues to undertake research and development with the University of Melbourne in 5G and mmWave, mobile technology and 3D Graphical User Interfaces & Building Information Modelling.

Gene Ong P.Eng, MIEM, CPEng (Aust)

Gene is a leader in building technology with over 15 years of experience across critical projects worldwide. As a certified professional engineer in Australia and Malaysia, he excels in transforming strategic visions into tangible realities.

Gene integrates cutting-edge IIoT solutions to exceed environmental benchmarks, enhance social responsibility, and improve governance practices. This holistic approach boosts operational efficiency and aligns with global sustainability goals, positioning his team as trusted partners for positive environmental impact and ethical governance.

Clients rely on Gene’s high-performance team to redefine building and factory assets, achieving breakthroughs in digital innovation, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Committed to surpassing KPIs, the team is a beacon of accountability and results-driven performance, with a strong focus on ESG standards.