Cobler :


We build IIoT & software solution to solve real business's problems.

Transform Digitally

Navigating through the complex and dynamic scenes of digital transformation & IIoT technology can be confusing. Cobler is here to help.

We offer: Project Design & Advisory Service,  Project Risk Evaluation,  Project Delivery, Stakeholders Management, Design work encompassing Smart IIoT and Building Solutions.

Streamline Operations

Integrate with multiple systems with our local or cloud-hosted software solution for greater data collection, and analytics and create automated processes.

Improve productivity, quality, and operational performance and empowers employees by enabling:

  • Lifecycle management of assets with Digital Twin.
  • Predictive operations & maintenance through AI
  • Integration of data and processes
  • Creation of end-user interactions with greater fluidity

Enhance Performance

Measure and manage KPIs that matter the most.
  • Performance Tracking of Machines and Equipment
  • Solutions for GBI, LEED, GreenRE, GreenMark Certifications
  • Energy, IAQ, Chiller Plant Efficiency Management System
  • BACnet, KNX Building Automation

Increase Efficiency

Reduce high OPEX and gain returns by changing how systems are being operated and maintained. We can help you grab the low hanging fruit in the pursuit of efficiency in energy usages and business operations.